Swimming Guide In The Sea

If you go to the beach a lot, you will definitely love the following tips. We’re not talking about how to use sunscreen, or how much water you have to drink. These are the little tricks that can help you avoid most of the trouble off the beach. Refer to some of the tips below, you will find it extremely interesting.

  1. Removing sand easily

Sand is indispensable on the beach. It makes you feel the unique substance that is very marine but also the thing that sticks to your skin, sometimes you see sand falling off. The trick to keeping your skin soft and free of sand is powder. Invest in a bottle of baby powder that is often applied to children and applied to the skin, ensuring you will get rid of the feeling of sand sticking when you go to the ocean.

2. To prevent flip-flops from slipping

Choosing beach flip-flops is a top priority because it is airy, quick to shake and can float in the water. However, it was annoying when those sandals were slipped off. That’s why I always keep a few slices of pillow bread in my bag when I go to the beach. To prevent slipping of sandals, simply place slices of bread under the soles of the feet. Wow! maybe it doesn’t blow-ear-so-good, but it’s better than shuffling off flip-flops or walking barefoot in the hot sand.

3. Keep your ears open after swimming

Here’s a secret a professional swimmer shares. He said he always carries a blow ball when he goes swimming. The trick is before swimming, blow the ball a few times and cover your nose. This helps to clear your ears.

4. Soothe sunburned skin

Aloe vera is one of the best remedies for sunburn. Leave the aloe patch in the refrigerator 10 minutes before going to the beach and apply it to your skin in case you get a sunburn. Be sure to use fresh aloe, not an aloe lotion.

5. Keep your money, keys, and cell phone

There are lots of lockers on the beach for a fee. The problem is that most thieves still know how to steal from you and in many cases you are denied the opportunity to shake off responsibility. Get creative and create your own unique beach locker without a thief expecting it. It could be a tampon box, a diaper, a pack of potato chips or a juice peel … You must mark it lest you find it difficult to find a thief yourself.

6. Fixed beach linens

Sew four bags into each corner of the beach towel and place the items you bring with you like books, water bottles, sunscreen products…. This way, you will keep your towel still instead of spreading it every few minutes. You are spoiled for relaxation while sunbathing.

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